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“The Beauty of Aging”

April 8, 2010

I stumbled across a wonderful project that I want to share with you because I feel it is an extremely valuable and important endeavor that warrants support.

“The Beauty of Aging” is a documentary film that “explodes myths about aging with stories of active, extraordinary American women over 80”. So many of us are struggling with our identities as we age. We know we are not like our mothers, nor do we want to be and yet we struggle to find a comfortable identity. This film offers a glimpse into the reality of today’s aging woman in such a way as to shed light on how we might chose to embrace the aging process. The world may turn their back on aging women, but we don’t have to. In fact this film shows just how beautiful the aging woman can be.

I’m bringing your attention to this film not only because I believe you will be moved as I was by viewing the trailer, but I believe you will quickly see the importance of supporting this endeavor either monetarily or via word of mouth so that it can be completed.

Laurie Schur, the Director/Producer of the film transitioned into documentary film in the last few years after a 25-year career as a psychotherapist. She created the idea for “The Beauty of Aging” out of a desire to find inspiring models of aging for herself and other women.

Laurie produced and directed a documentary short, SCAT, The Story of “Scatman” John Larkin and was Associate Producer on a narrative short, PICKLED.

I’d love to see this documentary film shown at film festivals throughout the country. Wouldn’t you?

Sit back and enjoy and by all means, let me know what you think.

The Beauty of Aging

You can become a friend and supporter of Laurie and the Beauty of Aging project on Facebook

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