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Three Things a Writer Should Never Do

June 11, 2012

It doesn’t matter how long a writer has been writing, there are certain traps we all fall into. I am sure you will agree, once you read over the list, that if we just avoid these pitfalls we will be on our way to brilliant, published success.

This list of no-nos for writers came to me in a flash of inspiration while I was  browsing for new finds at Ollie’s Bargain Outlet. Do you have an Ollie’s in your home town? (If not, their colors and graphics will tell you a whole lot about what the place is like!)

Ollie’s is new to me as they only just opened up a store nearby in an empty Harris Teeter grocery store. It’s been a rather


Do you have an Ollie’s in your neighborhood?

interesting development in our end of town. Things are rather dull around here when it comes to shopping. We like the peace and quite, but the shopping? Not so much. That is until Ollie’s planted itself right next to the Burger King turned Starbucks where I write from time to time when I can afford a cup of coffee. (I just can’t bring myself to work in a place without buying something from them, can you?)

My kid’s refuse to shop at Ollie’s because they are convinced that everything in the store has been repossessed from a sinister source or off the black market, and egad the food products couldn’t possibly be safe to eat! What I don’t get is that they grew up wearing yard sale clothes and playing with yard sale toys. We all thought we were rich then! I’m not altogether sure how they turned into such snobs. It is most definitely their loss! But I digress.

Back to the list. If you’re wondering how I happened to be inspired to create a writer’s no-no list while browsing Ollie’s, I can see why you’d be perplexed. It will become clear momentarily. Here goes:

1. Never waste time browsing for finds at Ollie’s. It will only depress you. Unless you really know how to turn junk into something beautiful you’ll leave feeling hopeless. I, for one, am not that creative. Junk looks like junk in my house.

2. NEVER browse the book section of Ollie’s, (or any other discount, overstock, outlet, bargain basement, or seconds store),  when you’re avoiding writing,  because all you will see are the hundreds of books written by writers that are every bit as good, if not better than you, looking very sad and collecting dust even when selling for fifty cents. You will not only feel hopeless for yourself, when you think about the writers and all the work they put into their book and all the dreams they had, you will actually shed a tear. You will go home thinking, what’s the use or stop by Starbucks and apply for a job.

3. Most importantly, NEVER, EVER run errands just because you can’t stand stewing in your own lack of creative momentum. Don’t run away period. Instead, run toward something. If you’re really stuck, and every writer runs dry now and again and sometimes for long periods of time, stop trying to write. Stop thinking about writing, stop dreaming about writing and start doing something else you love to do. Take a mental breather for an hour, a day, a month, whatever you need. Your inspiration will return, and you won’t waste time and money shopping at Ollie’s!

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  1. June 11, 2012 12:13 pm

    I am at the point of my life when I am trying to move stuff out of my house instead of bringing stuff into my house!! Maybe instead of shopping at a place like Ollie’s I can shop at Shelley’s — in the buried treasures in my own spare room!


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