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Support for Caregivers

November 26, 2012

November is Caregiver’s Month

At the time that I was deeply involved in caring for my elderly parents, the internet was in its infancy and little online support or information of any kind was available. Since then, however,  a plethora of websites and online tools have been created to assist caregivers, both familial and professional. It is one of the greatest benefits that I have seen come out of the technological boom.

While I personally did not reap the benefits of online support,  I understand the need and make an effort to keep on top of what is new, what is useful, helpful, and reliable. Periodically I post a review on the AgingAbundantly website to help my readers stay up-to-date as well. We never know when we, or someone we know, are going to need caregiver information and support.

Here are a few sites worth visiting: – A non-profit website with unique, interactive tools for building support for caregivers.– OurParents is a free elder care directory, focused on assisting adult children with aging parents find the right care solution that meets the parents’ and family’s unique needs.  “Our goal is simple:  to be a resource always on the side of families, as they face difficult decisions about their loved one.  While other sites on the web are essentially sales channels for care providers, at OurParents, we are dedicated to the mission of finding the best options available for a family.” –  Helps you care for family members and friend; a community of family caregivers sharing stories, support and solutions. Articles, forums and more.

Aware of Your Care – Information
CaregivingCafe – “born out of the need to find, in a timely manner, solutions, answers, information, resources, services, products, doctors, and other people providing loving and effective care to family members.”
More Support for Caregivers
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  1. November 26, 2012 2:47 pm

    Dorothy ~ Bless you for providing this information to those who are caregivers. I was a caregiver for my mother for a short while and I will always treasure those days I had with her. One thing I remember so vividly is how tired I became. The emotional weariness, as well as the physical tiredness, has a way of creeping up and coming down hard all at once. I would’ve loved having the resources available to find online help & support at that time. Blessings from my heart to you & all the caregivers!

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