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At the Heart of It

December 5, 2013

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Relationships are fraught with complications. Even when two people are deeply connected and functioning more or less on the same wavelength there are times when conflict or misunderstanding or hurt feelings erupt. Add a little spice to the personalities and you have all the ingredients for a conflagration (especially during the holidays!).

Sigh. I hate conflict. I hate dissension. More than anything I hate silence. Angry Silence. Passive aggressive silence. Manipulative silence. It consumes my soul. Even a drop of it. But yelling and verbal vitriol? Cuts to the quick. Learning the art of comfortable communication and healthy relationships is a lifetime process. TV and movies would have us believe that a snappy come-back or perfectly spoken and crafted words of wisdom can cure all ills. But, well crafted lines with well crafted responses are not reality.

And so how do we survive? How do we keep a relationship in…

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