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The What’s Underneath Project: Jacky O’Shaughnessy

August 1, 2014

We all hurt the same way underneath. I am so grateful that women everywhere are starting to see the truth…see beneath the facade of marketing/advertising. I only hope that in time we will find the love and acceptance for ourselves that we long to feel and overcome the damage that has been done. Thank you Sophie for sharing this incredible video.

Feed the Beauty

Thank you Jacky, for taking your clothes off with such grace and aplomb. But God bless you even more for baring your soul.

I cried when she cried-little tears of empathy, big tears of relief. We’ve been caught up in the advertising industry’s messages of ageism and skinny-ism for decades…waaay too long. This video shares what we need to see more of-images that will help move women forward and rattle us free from the steely grip of the decades-long promotion of contemporary media’s version of beauty.

Just watch.

Kudos and thanks to for this timely project.

More about Jacky:

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