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Changing Perspectives

September 5, 2014

Upside down Owl

Sociedad Argentina de Horticultura

Sometimes I can’t keep up with myself these days, or anything else for that matter! Know what I mean? I cut back, cut out, pare down and still it seems life remains complex. I often think that technology has created some kind of hell on earth for creative types…the never ending possibilities spin on and on and on, making it both easier and harder to figure out what the hell we’re doing! (Or, supposed to be doing!)

Yesterday, I was “supposed” to have a physical, and bless my pea pickin’ heart, I did! It was terrifying to realize that I had not had one in three years and it’s been even longer since I had a mammogram. It drove home the reality of the time warp from which I recently seem to have emerged. Trauma of all types sets us back, takes us out of the ball game, rearranges our reality. It’s no small matter.

Much has changed on the outside in three years. Our driveway has a decidedly vacant look about it that makes me think no one is ever home. Oh, wait, they aren’t! (My boys moved half way across the country.) WordPress has been updated about 10 times, Google 6, LinkedIn 15, Facebook Oi! (I don’t know any of those things to be true.) Tracking devices for Alzheimer’s patients are becoming increasingly popular. TV and movies have gotten even worse. The international hot button has moved two inches to the right. Maybe it really hasn’t changed so much.

On the inside, it’s a very different scene. A very different scene. The deconstruction of my interior life and its slow re-assembly has been nothing short of astounding to me. Bit by bit, piece by piece, sometimes at a pace so fast it left me panting for air, at other times so slow I thought I would be stuck in neutral for the rest of my life. The colors and shape of reality bear a different hue and if I were an artist I’d paint the difference. Then, something so invisible would be made visible, something intangible more well-defined.

I was going to write a spoof on aging gracefully, even when a “go green” white paper gown makes you look like a giant marshmallow – but like my son once said, “I have the attention span of a gnat.” (He was saying it about himself, not me…although both are true!) Maybe another time.

If you are struggling with trauma, change, transition, transformation or other such life altering events, you might like to visit my other blog Manifest Me 2014. I try to write from time to time there about such things. I’ve also been writing hither and yon and will add a few links below.

I’m cranking up the Aging Abundantly Book Club on Facebook, so feel free to join in. We just finished reading Virginia Woolf’s, To the Lighthouse, one of my favorites. The Caregiver’s Group would love to have input from those of you who have completed this phase of your life and would like to talk about your experiences. The Writer’s Meet Up is still caring and sharing and always open to late blooming writers.


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  1. October 6, 2014 12:01 pm

    What a beautiful article, thank you for sharing. I have a sense of space and gratitude and expansion. Yes to see ageing as an expansion of who we are and an inevitable consequence is to share more of ourselves. I have just started a blog called Fit, Fabulous and 50+ and being from England there are not a lot of us over here with a heart to reach out. Finding lots of my American cousins. Will post your blog on my website. Thank you.

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